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  Monster Planes USA is a premiere RC event held for the purpose of bringing together the worlds largest, complex and most prestigious aircraft found the world over. Click HERE  for Map. A 35 pound (ready-to-fly) minimum was established to make it clear that the event is for “large” models. We are certainly not going to turn away any model that appears to be 35 pounds but in reality is not. An example is a 1/3 scale WW 1 fabric covered WW1 model that may weigh only 32 pounds. That airplane IS in the Spirit of the Event and would be allowed.        





  The event is held at Lake Wales Airport, Route 60, Lake Wales, Florida and is approximately 40 miles West of the Florida Turnpike’s Yeehaw Junction. It is 2 miles West of the intersection of Rte. 27 and Rte. 60. It is 32 miles East of where Top Gun or Florida Jets is held, in Lakeland. An hour East of Tampa, approximately 2 hours 30 minutes North of Miami and 1 hour South of Orlando Airport. Click HERE  for Map. MPUSA is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday event, at least for the first year. There will be NO flying  on Thursday at all.     



   Participants that have models that fall outside of the AMA guidelines will be under  the events' coverage. If you have a model that currently fits within the AMA Guidelines, the AMA  coverage stands as normal.         Read the AMA statement  regarding Monster Planes USA by clicking Here

    All models must be ”Scale” models.  Use Common Sense, as we will! Any aerobatic scale model is welcome to participate, but they must be flown in a typically scale manner. In other words. . .More


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